OnlineNews.Africa is a mobile-first digital news network which delivers hyper-local content from citizen journalists to underserved communities across South Africa.

Online News Africa gives a voice to the community by:

  • Covering newsworthy local events and public interest stories from local communities around South Africa
  • Providing a training model for creating high-quality local content, and formally facilitating learning and skills development for the young media producers
  • Leveraging the power of free WiFi networks, and other unique digital platforms for distribution, to find innovative ways to reach underserved communities in South Africa
  • Building skilled independent journalists around the use of mobile technologyGiving underrepresented communities a voice in the media landscape in vernacular languages
  • Facilitating the development of new business models and revenue generation, working with telcos to drive uptake of their services
  • Promoting skills development for young journalists of colour including the nurturing of female journalists
  • Aiding the transition of community media, community newspapers and radio stations, towards digital