Does prison rehabilitate criminals or make them more violent?

Citizen reporter, SimphiweTamba interviewd a friend of his who came out of prison 2 months ago. He was sentenced to 7 years in Pollsmoor prison for murder. Before he got arrested he was involved in a gang from Gugulethu, he had a quarell with the gang leader back in 2008 and the leader threatend to kill his family. According to him, killing for his family was the only option and he has no regrets whatsoever. Returning from prison he tells Simphiwe that once a sane person enters the gates of Pollsmoor prison, they never return the same person. He further adds “prison makes you stronger with the hunger to commit more crimes”. The interviewee is now part of the 26 prison gang whose motto is to make money and kill for it, which clearly indicates the lack of rehabilitation. To conclude, he says prison will either make or break you, some have died in prison due to violent crimes commited inside.


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